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Silabus bahasa inggris smp kurikulum 2013 pdf

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Silabus Bahasa Inggris Smp Kelas 7 8 Dan 9 Kurikulum. spellslinger the fantasy novel that keeps you guessing on every page,spectrum 21,spectrometric . Silabus Bahasa Inggris Smp Kelas 7 8 Dan 9 Kurikulum. lady oracle margaret atwood,labour and industrial laws by pk padhi book mediafile free file. Silabus Bahasa Inggris Smp Kelas 7 8 Dan 9 Kurikulum. program studi belajar, dan memiliki arti bagi kehidupannya. pdf silabus bahasa inggris sma -.

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Uses some and any; and would like to describe supplies, to offer and order food and drink 2. Learning Objective: Marlin Study Pack 1 Quiz 7. Remember me Forgot password? Bookmark the permalink.

Verb that describe work activities; duties on board; verbs that describe routine Communication: Information exchange about current and routine activities 1. Uses the Present Continuous form to describe activities currently in progress 2.

1. Silabus & RPP Bahasa Inggris 2

Uses the correct spelling with regular and irregular continuous verb forms 3. Exchanges information about current and routine situations 7. Hand out b. Marlin Study Pack 1 - Quiz 1 description of activities in action 8.

Inggris kurikulum 2013 bahasa pdf smp silabus

Demonstrates understanding of standard engine orders by explaining their meanings and indicating the correct actions Choosing food and drinks; expressing preferences; asking for food Grammar: Food adjective that indicate preference Communication: Dialogue practice 9. Demonstrates understanding of watch keeping duties by reading a text and answering questions correctly.

Uses some and any; and would like to describe supplies, to offer and order food and drink 2. Expresses personal taste using adjectives of opinion 4. Identifies, names and describe the purpose of basic galley equipment 5.

Download: Syllabus and Lesson Plans, English for SMA (Curriculum 2013)

Identifies and names different types of packaging of food cargo 6. Uses conversational phrases appropriate to meal times - Able to offer and order the menu and express personal opinion of food and drinks - Able to identify the purpose of galley equipment, the packaging of food cargo and the damage caused to cargoes of food Question and Answer 6 x 50 minutes 2 sessions a. Marlin Study Pack 1 Quiz 7.

Understands damage caused to cargoes of food by reading examples of ENGLISH -2 2 Identifying emergency situations; recognizing emergency procedures; producing accurate commands Grammar: Identify kinds - Able to use of emergency short situation on command board for each situation of emergency on board by using 2.

Smp inggris kurikulum bahasa pdf silabus 2013

Understands infinitive the short form commands of emergency to situation and - Able describe how to use the the steps of verb in the how to infinitive rescue form.

Marlin Study Pack 1 2x50 minutes a. Question Sheet Quiz for short command for each situation.

Reads the text from a safety manual and retell the procedure of rescue activities on board. Indentifies the - Able to items which use the countable and correct uncountable quantifiers for quantity of noun 2. Uses quantifiers or - Able to ask and amount words answer to indicate the about how approximate to quantity or purchase amount of the something noun.

Marlin Study Pack 1 3. Completes the table to show which quantifiers can be used with the countable and uncountable nouns.

Matches the name and the type of cargo with the correct container 5. Uses conversational phrases appropriate to shopping on shore activities Comparing and contrasting sizes, speeds, age; using communication equipment; discussing work-related equipment 7.

Complete the dialogue between seller and buyer at the market Grammar: Compare the comparatives and information superlatives; about the 2 verbs that contain ships and prepositions differentiates Vocabulary: Uses the vessel comparative specifications; s and discussion of superlatives work related to describe equipment each vessel of cargo 3.

Marlin Study Pack 1 Quiz - Able to describe the informati on which students got and explain it in detail 4. Read the text about types of merchant ship and complete the chart about some cargo vessel by the information ENGLISH -2 5 from the text given 5.

Names and mentions the communicati on equipment in the vessel 6. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Download: Syllabus and Lesson Plans, English for SMA (Curriculum ) | homeranking.info

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