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The fact of forbidding certain behaviors, like women impli- cation in war or having some military duties, mean that this actually happened. Studies in Medie- val History, , p. Bullough and B. Lees, vol. For more details: Toate acestea erau colosal de scum- pe. Perles, Berlin, , p.

Migne, VIII. Regarding men in the Middle Age, ed. Clare A. Lees, vol. A Temporary Canonical Aberration? Frappell, Adelaide University Union Press, , p. After a long period, the first significant information about the women partici- pation in crusade appeared in the medieval histories only in the second part of XIX century. The lack of women participation in crusade is still the subject of today critical analyses.

This article is trying to provide the women profile who partici- pated at the military actions of the first crusade. Most times the medieval histories are inviting us to valorize and to appreciate only men historical acts.

Often, women were described in relation to men as wives, daughters, mothers, widows or men- tioned relating to certain natural disasters, military successes or failures. However, some women interventions in the crusade military actions, which are described by contemporary witnesses, confirm their important contribution. Whether talking about the direct or indirect participation, the women contributions and support to the military campaigns in Levant are a living proof that they were not only victims or observers, but an active part in these conflicts.

It is true that history as a reflection of the past is pluralist as regards interpretation and can be seen from different perspectives, depending very much on the environment where the historian was formed, the public he addresses, the religion he comes from and for sure the preconceptions and stereotypes of the social milieu1.

Walsh considers, in An Introduction to the Philosophy of History, Hutchinson, London, , there are four essential elements that have a considerable influence upon the author: This paved the way towards new studies regarding women role in crusade.

Among these: Frap- pell ed. Principalities, Power and Estates: Crusade and Settlement ,Cardiff, ; James A.

Smail ed Outremer: All these are mostly focused on cataloguing and defining crusades, which in a pretty polemical tone, reports only to definitions or narrations given by previous, without making a broad assessment.

A careful reading of historic scripts reveals that medieval society had an am- bivalent attitude towards women, which was manifested through the frequently used antithesis between Eve and Virgin Mary: If they followed the reli- gious path, then their reputation had a special place in society.

However, constantly women were looked at with suspicion, being a potential object of temptation. Many times, the biblical ambiguous interpretation led to actions that today are not honorable for the Western Christianity. The need for philological accuracy and historic reconstruction further disapproved this type of scholarly mal- formation.

Starting from the Enlightenment period there were voices that fiercely criticized this type of expeditions. Among the partisans of these reactions there were Voltaire, Hume or Gibbon.

This vice aliorum Hierolsolimitanorum, ed. In this direction, Jeanette M. Today, the truth problem in history is still a controversial subject. There are many important opinions who assert that history cannot present the objective truth, be- cause far from being a science, it represents mainly an art that reckon having some experiences. The research gaps or the possibility to analyze in the light of the most cogent and different sources, also influences the objective speech about the past.

Here, the truth veritas , key factor in a historical narration, it is guarantee by the witness. He is the source that certifies the equity transfer and assures the truth in events relating.

Without being the subject of a critical device, without considering the subjects event perception, the culture or education they came from, the truth confessed by the witness was considered to have an authority. The relevance, in this regard, is brought by Natasha Hodgson, who doubted the objec- tivity of the ecclesiastic witness. The women portray who participated to the first crusade, delivered by them, is considered to be non-real, because it is in contradic- tion with secular sources. Among those persons suspected of relativism is arch-bishop William de Tyr, who transformed the historical truth in a pro-noble propaganda by interpreting events.

So, William de Tyr, is one of those historians who denotes a certain grade of subjectivism It is known the fact that many court historians or biography authors were often becoming subjective in relating historical events.

Another source of inspiration and authority, despite the pagan origins, were the classical writings. Among them are the classical poems or poets like Horace, Virgil and Ovidiu, who although were considered to be vicious, influenced many medieval historians especially in portraying women The most respected and used models, in medieval society, were by excellence considered to be the biblical and historical writings belonging to the church fathers like Eusebiu from Ceza- reea, Saint Ambrozie, Saint Jeronime or Saint Augustine, whose writings, for dif- ferent reasons were extremely influential in shaping attitudes in Western Church The Christian conception regarding the historical truth produced, at least in the Medieval Occident, a certain downfall in regard to principles and historical research method.

Biblie pdf mica

The type of language used in these writings best explains the mindset dedi- cated to worship action and heroic act to which educated people turned to in those times. At the base of those researches were notable the variety of historical narrations passed mainly with different apologue shapes, that through a sentimental side dissolved the nonconventional meaning.

Finally, the post-modern historians considered that the inappropriate ideas from narrations or used language, were caused by medieval authors attempt to adapt the historical truth, adding up to the narrative sources some statistic information, where it was possible Others questioned if the historical narration is wholly the historian cre- ation, or if the events are the force behind its writings, with adaptation where there were gaps Most often, women were described in relation to men pater familias as wives, daughters, mothers, widows, aunts, sisters, kinswomen or prostitutes.

The individual women portray can be found only in exceptional cases only for aristocracy , and most information regarding the women life and status are men- tioned briefly, relating to natural disasters, military successes or failures. The involvement The eleventh century Europe was falling into decline concerning the po- litical and military power or social and economic organization.

The Occidental states were divided in many political units, governed by seigniors, most of them having poor association and loyalty connections with a crowned monarch.

Title: Dr earl mindell

They were having dux and comes titles duke or count , like in roman times and were coming from aristocracy. In the same time, they were called knight, without hav- ing its duties from Roman or Charlemagne period. They were counting on leuds, but mostly on milites soldiers in order to control the police or military power.

Some women were also given these noble titles. The most respectable, who respond to nowadays scientific requests are the following: From all of them we mention only the activity of Matilda of Toscana. Her military activity is connected to the papacy actions against those who were rejecting the Gregorian reform. Her name is also tied up with the future of next Jerusalem Latin patriarch. At her recommendation, in , pope Urban II appoints Dagobert as archbishop of Pisa and in the winter of , also by countess intervention, the new pope Pas- cal II appoints the same Dagobert of Pisa as patriarch of the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem Studies in Me- dieval History, , p.

You will be eternally blessed for fighting like a men against this antichrist heresy. The religious involvement imposed the chivalry redefining. The vow, the ethical code29, the religious ideals, giving up the secular life 30, the baptize and the hierarchical blessing31, are just few of the crusade knight virtues.

The promised spiritual rewards and the hope of finding a better life determined a great number of diverse people to become dedicated to the cause. People from different social classes, regardless the gender, age or ethnic group formed the centre of this crusade army.

We can think that this flexible aggregation was the cause for the difficult analyze in defining the knight term. The conjunction for this status was the military activity conducted by the participant, activity that gathered the nobles actions, organized in an army led by a well instructed leader and also the actions developed by the other social castes, all for the same cause and under the same name milites Christi Christ soldiers.

Among those who joined the crusade movement were also the women. Clarendon, , p. The war ac- tions or aggressions were forbidden in certain days: Friday, Passion Day, during the most important feasts Eastern or Christmas or during fasting. This time the sacramental time was destined for knights to consolidate their faith.

Flori considered that you cannot speak about a chivalry sanctity as the whole. Jean Flori, op. Constantin Ittu, The living heraldry and her social role, Ed. Articles But several actions developed by them, received in time a certain notoriety and are accepted by most modern historians as heroic acts. The late attempts to bring a necessary appreciation to women role in crusade had sometimes an opposite result.

Their responsibilities and status in the medieval society determined some crusades historians to deny their milites Christi33 title. Because of this, the French historian Jean Flori thinks that the main factor who determined the minimizing of women contribution to the crusade battles is the Latin terms confusion, which were assimilating the crusader status with the knight status.

So, the first difficulty when talking about the crusade participants is the knight term interpretation.

Pdf mica biblie

This opinion could hide one of the possible explanations for the military action undertaken by other social milieus, but mainly the women activity. Probably J. Similar is the analysis of the German historian Karl Leyser who considered that taking into account the recruitment in the crusade army it cannot be mentioned a division.

Biblie pdf mica

For this reason people understood to join this campaign sustained by the Rome bishop. This convention allowed also poor people to gain miles title, purchasing the equipment from hiring. For these women, crusade was connected with Christ image and his figurative implications. The crusade was a way to conversion, a path to redemption or a way to establish the divine order. The idea of imitatio Christi, was like a penitence exercise or a adequate reaction to a role model.

The crusade was seen by these women not like a war, but like an offering brought to Christ. They were rather looking for a martyrdom, not a war When interpreting the crusade phenomena, historian Christopher Tyerman debates about the geographical area of the crusade assault.

Pdf mica biblie

The conquest of other cities for example Antiohia , wanders from the crusade ideal and the pilgrim- age actions. The spiritual purpose, that also reveals from the eye witnesses writ- ings40, who contributed to the participants enthusiasm is neutralized by future war practices Theoretically, the cause was suppose to be fair, in order to justify the violence in front of God.

Sheehan, Studies in Medieval Culture, 37 Kalama- zoo, , p. For instance: The idea of spirituality based violence was against Christian doctrine and the message was especially addressed against those who practiced violence.

Mica Biblie.pdf

In this situation you could speak about a crusade dualism. On one hand the concern for the spiritual rewards, the care for redemption and the reconciliation with Divinity and on the other hand the enrichment perspective, by colonization and conquest of some economically developed regions Both cases represented a pretty attractive offer in order to convince women to participate in this expedition.

The main focus was on these spiritual or material resorts who were complying with the wishes of all social structures, an ideal described both by the time sources and by the eye witness statements. So, the women joy for leaving to Jerusalem is described by Albert de Aachen, in its chronicle 46, and also by Guib- ert de Nogent.

The last recorded that: Many of them, especially those representing the church, considered the expedition as a pilgrimage. This is one of the reasons why the description is approached in the pilgrimage spiritual manner, visibly censoring the violence. Albert de Aachen, monk and historian from the first crusade, is one of those who consider the expedition to Jerusalem as being equivalent with the pilgrimage act.

Those who were breaking these rules were excluded from the monastery. On the other hand if we consider the offer for the participants, who were expecting to colonize the Levant, the enrich- ment reward and a certain feudatory freedom, we could explain the cruelty actions carried out by them. Ekkhard, superior of Aura and participant to the crusade, describes the way Christian families were preparing for the long journey: The sermons held by western priests, are mentioning even now how enthusiastic were the western people.

So, the Latin chronicle from the Monte Cassino convent registers: They all had crosses sewed on their arm and shared the same goal. This as- sessment participation can be found in most of Latin chronicles.

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There is no doubt that among those who partici- pated to crusade there were also women. But the difficulty or the impossibility, in this matter, is having a clear evidence about the number53, name, title or duty that each had in confronting the oriental opponents. Not even a careful investigation of the official documents, charters or correspondences can offer sufficient informa- tion for drafting the crusade women profile.

We just want to show some useful texts for those , after reading this article, would hopefully become curious about the topic and would reflect at this historical events that changed the world. So, we stuck only to name those who particularly recall women participation in the crusade. It is pretty difficult to estimate because of the excessive contemporary figures some of them head one million people.

The best evaluation is given by the British historian Thomas Asbridge. Es el fusil y la Biblia. Trump maneja mucho mejor el primero que la segunda. Eso se nota en Lynchburg, que es tan religiosa que Jackson, que trabaja de camarero en un restaurante, pone en la cuenta: Gracias por venir. Dios le bendiga.

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