Ashrae hvac applications handbook pdf

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(See Chapter 37 of the ASHRAE Hand- ing) produce joints as strong as surrounding pipe, but reduce the book—HVAC Applications for information on. properties and building physics and to promote the application of innovative technologies. The chapters in ASHRAE Handbooks are updated through the. The four-volume ASHRAE Handbook is a reference for engineers working in . CD-ROM with all content from HVAC Applications inside back cover.

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Members: Download PDF of Refrigeration Handbook. Eligible members Applications. Description of the ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications. Print + PDF: Make sure your preferred format is at your fingertips; the classic desk . Handbook—HVAC Systems (DOAS) in nonresidential applications. Hotels 20 - 30 Preface The ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications credit 3— Enhanced homeranking.info

A humidity control system will not provide satisfactory results if any of these items are overlooked. Pool and spa areas should be maintained at a negative pressure of 15 to 40 Pa relative to adjacent areas of the building to prevent chloramine odor migration. Cancel Save. Vin Ken. Like this presentation?

Mold and mildew can attack wall, floor, and ceiling coverings, and condensation can degrade many building materials.

In the worst case, the roof could collapse because of corrosion from water condensing on the structure. Load Estimation Loads for a natatorium include heat gains and losses from outdoor air, lighting, walls, roof, and glass.

Internal latent loads are generally from people and evaporation. Evaporation loads in pools and spas are significant relative to other load elements and may vary widely depending on pool features, areas of water and wet deck, water temperature, and activity level in the pool.

The rate of evaporation can be estimated from empirical Equation 1. This equation is valid for pools at normal activity levels, allowing for splashing and a limited area of wetted deck. Other pool uses may have more or less evaporation Smith et al. The effectiveness of controlling the natatorium environment depends on correct estimation of water evaporation rates.

Applying the correct activity factors is extremely important in determining water evaporation rates. Actual operating temperatures and relative humidity conditions should be established before design.

2007 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications (SI)-chapter4,P6

How the area will be used usually dictates design Table 1. Ventilation Requirements Air Quality.

Pdf handbook ashrae applications hvac

The ventilation requirement may be excessive for private pools and installations with low use, and may also prove inadequate for high-occupancy public or waterpark-type installations. Air quality problems in pools and spas are often caused by water quality problems, so simply increasing ventilation rates may prove both expensive and ineffective. Water quality conditions are a direct function of pool use and the type and effectiveness of water disinfection used.

Because indoor pools usually have high ceilings, temperature stratification can have a detrimental effect on indoor air quality.

Careful duct layout must ensure that the space receives proper air changes and homogeneous air quality throughout. Some air movement at the deck and pool water level is essential to ensure acceptable air quality.

Complaints from swimmers indicate that the greatest chloramine see the section on Pool Water Chemistry concentrations occur at the water surface.

Children are especially vulnerable to the ill effects of chloramine inhalation. Exhaust air from pools is rich in moisture and may contain high levels of corrosive chloramine compounds.

Although most codes allow pool air to be used as makeup for showers, toilets, and locker rooms, these spaces should be provided with separate ventilation and maintained at a positive pressure with respect to the pool.

Pool and spa areas should be maintained at a negative pressure of 15 to 40 Pa relative to adjacent areas of the building to prevent chloramine odor migration.

Active methods of pressure control may prove more effective than static balancing and may be necessary where outdoor air is used as a part of an active humidity control strategy.

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Openings from the pool to other areas should be minimized and controlled. Passageways should be equipped with doors with automatic closers to inhibit migration of moisture and air.

Exhaust air intake grilles should be located as close as possible to the warmest body of water in the facility. Warmer waters and those with high agitation levels offgas chemicals at higher rates compared to traditional pools. This also allows body oils to become airborne. Ideally these pollutants should be removed from close to the source before they have a chance to diffuse and negatively impact the air.

The units for the constant 0. Equation 1 may be modified by multiplying it by an activity factor Fa to alter the estimate of evaporation rate based on the level of activity supported. Flag for inappropriate content.

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Pdf handbook ashrae applications hvac

Ideally these pollutants should be removed from close to the source before they have a chance to diffuse and negatively impact the air 1 The units for the constant 0. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation?

Hvac applications pdf ashrae handbook

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