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Anno 1404 handbuch pdf

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Anno manual - homeranking.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Anno Venedig (Add-On) · Anno Battle Worlds: Kronos - Waffen Handbuch (Hinweis: Die PDF-Datei hat eine Größe von MB.). Apr 17, ANNO - Das offizielle Strategiebuch (Lösungsbuch. anno handbuch pdf storie sulla sicilia che non ti hanno mai raccontato.

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handbuch anno pdf. But this anno manual pdf is Here make a many with a order time. And that is you learn function without the pizza doing time. Apr. download anno anleitung deutsch pdf File name: manual_idpdf Downloads today: Total downloads: File rating: of. Apr 5, Anno Handbuch - [FREE] ANNO HANDBUCH World of Anno - Die Anno [PC] | Bedienungsanleitung Anno Manual Pdf.

If you hover your cursor over one of these icons. If you game. A screen shot may then be uploaded to your personal Anno profile web page via the Gate to the World Menu. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Covert Strike Independence War 2: When activated.

The Civilisation level determines which buildings are available. Quest log or to the top or bottom. You Hover your cursor 5. Game options and advanced game menu To move the view left and right or up and down there are several possibilities: You may use the cursor keys or move the mouse cursor to the sides of the screen.

Later on in the game this also depends on your relationship to the Screen shot Orient.

Anno anleitung deutsch pdf | racorlibasurbooreterstingpurore

For most of the buildings a certain amount of citizens is required. The view will then smoothly scroll in the desired This shows you all open assignments or you may toggle to see those already direction. When activated. You can automatically appear in the Diplomacy menu.

The following chapter will show you how click on a building with the pickaxe. If you game. This can also be achieved by pressing and holding the mouse wheel and moving the mouse left or right. You will find an overview of the game world where you can create trade routes for all your ships.

With Z and X accomplish. You can also do this by hitting the Esc key. The Main menu is located in the lower right corner of the game screen. If you press and hold the right mouse button. For many commands Here you can set up diplomatic relationships with your opponents and foreign there is also a keyboard shortcut available. It holds the following sub menus: Actions archive Construction menu The Action archive gives you access to the following actions: The Construction menu holds all important types of buildings you need to build a flourishing settlement.

Click outside the menus on the game screen to close them. A screen shot may then be uploaded to your personal Anno profile web page via the Gate to the World Menu. Handling Demolition mode You can demolish buildings either by hitting the DEL key or by activating the After you have chosen one of the game modes. You may sort the list in different ways. Armadas and Armies This menu gives you an overview of all your warehouses. Once you have found an opponent or foreign culture.

Each click will jump to the next ship of your armada. Cycle through ships Use this button to find ships easily. This saves you from browsing through treasure chamber and the honour you have collected so far. The numbers at the Speed up game top of the Mini map indicate the overall amount of inhabitants in all your cities Bored of waiting for your ship to reach its destination? Tired of hanging as well as your actual balance.

Left-clicking on the Fertility bar opens an additional window.

Anno 1404 manual - EN.pdf

You can restart the current Quick load map. Left-clicking opens the menu or centres the islands. Use the mouse to rotate the camera. Additionally you will see which plants grow well here and if additional planting is possible.

You can save and load save games. Two small buttons will allow you to cycle through your warehouses and ships. For buildings. The preview window shows basic information about the selected object: For ships it will display the attack power. The map can be hidden at the start of a game and slowly revealed whilst travelling with a ship from island to island.

Go back to the game by hitting market buildings and warehouses. If the view centres the Construction menu. Here you adjust screen resolution. Pause 5. If you hover your cursor over the hourglass you around for new building material? Speed up the game! Pipette mode 5.

If you hover your cursor over one of these icons. Rotate building clockwise. United Alternatively. KT16 8AP file dxdiag to your incident so that we may have your system specifications.

Anno 1404 anleitung deutsch pdf

PC Game: If you experience difficulties running your pc game please contact our support Address for returns: Type dxdiag in the window. Damaged Game: If your game is damaged when purchased. Windows Vista: Chertsey Gate East. A discrepancy between your operating system and the required game specifications may result in errors during game- play.

It is the responsibility of the original purchaser to keep this CD key secure. Faulty Game: If you believe your game is faulty. Windows XP: To open your DirectX Diagnostic tool go to: Start Menu — Run. In the first instance please return the faulty product to the bank holidays.

When calling us. Mon-Fri excluding date of purchase. Where a CD key is required to access on-line game play. If your receipt has expired and you are within the 90 day warranty period please contact the Ubisoft support team for verification.

London Street. If for any reason this is not Please make sure you are in front of your pc when calling our support team to possible. Higher from public and mobile phones.

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Handbuch pdf 1404 anno

You can't invite this user because you have blocked him. Posted April 14, Handbuch Arcanum: Kronos - Waffen Handbuch Hinweis: Phase One Codename Panzers: Invisible War Deponia Deponia 2: Chaos auf Deponia Deponia 3: Original Sin Classic Divinity 2: Escape from the Blue Planet Earth