Objective c interview questions and answers for freshers pdf

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Part 2 in series on cocoa, objective c interview questions. The questions will range between basic to intermediate to advanced concepts. In this first blog post i have tried to cover simple questions on ObjectiveC. Answers for all questions has been collected from multiple sources. 50 iOS Interview Questions And Answers. Go to the profile of 7- Why don't we use strong for enum property in Objective-C? Because enums.

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1) Explain what objective-C program basically consists of? Objective-C Top 25 Objective C Interview Questions & Answers . Download PDF. homeranking.info 60 TOP iOS Interview Questions with Answers for freshers and Experienced pdf. Answers Pdf. Objective-C,iOS interview Question,iPhone Tutorial using Swift Language. (pdf) - MS Word MCQ Questions stupid test answers iphone app questions and answers for for freshers and experienced are below are below: 1.

Cramming it into a lunch break from your current job will not produce the best results. Whereas implementing a dealloc method is usually required, you should not implement a finalize method if possible. Just stay calm, and instead of trying to come up with an instant number in your head, walk the interviewer through your train of thoughts with you. What is "notification"? How many pens can you fit into an airplane? Here is the answer to the golf balls question by Michael Beauchamp, so you get the idea of what I am talking about:. How to use reusable cell in UITableview?

I do have favorites and go-to questions that will have to be retired after the publication of this article. Expect my first question to now be: Have you read this article?

And interview objective c pdf freshers answers questions for

When answering questions, try to keep your answer brief and explain your thought process when it is beneficial. What is the difference between frames and bounds? This is the most important interview that we do, as it is meant to reflect how well the applicant will perform at the job. We then give the applicant a list of bugs and grade the applicant not only on the solutions they use but on the time it takes them to complete the task.

Since our company provides iOS development services to large corporations, we aim to deliver solid results to our customers with a quick turnaround.

So the coding interview is a crucial evaluation for us because it lets us determine what the person can be paid to remain profitable. Finding developers who can implement solid solutions very quickly is the holy grail of software interviews.

If there is one secret to how we consistently choose the top tier of our employees, it is this practical coding exercise. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it , the best way to prepare for a practical coding interview is just experience.

The more apps you make, the more likely it will be that you can develop code quickly and solidly. So keep practicing and learning! Ray and I hope you enjoyed this series! While it has nothing to do with your technical skills, it does a good job of checking how you deal with curve balls, and to see if you are capable of logical step-by step problem solving.

It is all about how you explain your logic to your interviewer. Here is the answer to the golf balls question by Michael Beauchamp, so you get the idea of what I am talking about:. I figure a standard school bus is about 8ft wide by 6ft high by 20 feet long - this is just a guess based on the thousands of hours I have been trapped behind school buses while traffic in all directions is stopped.

That means cubic feet and since there are cubic inches in a cubit foot, that means about 1.

I calculate the volume of a golf ball to be about 2. Divide that 2. However, since there are seats and crap in there taking up space and also since the spherical shape of a golf ball means there will be considerable empty space between them when stacked, I'll round down to , golf balls. Step by step. Just stay calm, and instead of trying to come up with an instant number in your head, walk the interviewer through your train of thoughts with you.

Need real life practice? Feel free to schedule a mock interview with Matt, who has been doing technical interviews for 12 years, and ask for his feedback!

A pretty informative article for those of us looking to prepare for interviews. Sites like InterviewBuddy. Have you heard of UIAppearance? Great set of questions indeed, but I would not rely on the provided answers alone. Great set of the questions! Especially I like that code examples are used here, not only plain text questions.

Find a mentor Web Programming. Mobile App Programming. Programming Languages. Get insights on scaling, management, and product development for founders and engineering managers. Read programming tutorials, share your knowledge, and become better developers together. Hot Topics. Matt Goldspink Follow. Published Dec 02, Last updated Jan 08, Getting ready for your iOS interview The big day is coming up.

Question 2 Explain the difference between atomic and nonatomic synthesized properties? Question 3 Explain the difference between copy and retain?

Question 4 What is method swizzling in Objective C and why would you use it? Not running: The app has not been launched or was running but was terminated by the system. The app is running in the foreground but is currently not receiving events. It may be executing other code though.

An app usually stays in this state only briefly as it transitions to a different state. The app is running in the foreground and is receiving events. This is the normal mode for foreground apps. The app is in the background and executing code. Most apps enter this state briefly on their way to being suspended. However, an app that requests extra execution time may remain in this state for a period of time. In addition, an app being launched directly into the background enters this state instead of the inactive state.

The app is in the background but is not executing code.

IOS Developer Interview Questions and Answers

The system moves apps to this state automatically and does not notify them before doing so. While suspended, an app remains in memory but does not execute any code. When a low-memory condition occurs, the system may purge suspended apps without notice to make more space for the foreground app. Question 6 What is a category and when is it used? Question 7 Can you spot the bug in the following code and suggest how to fix it: Question 9 What considerations do you need when writing a UITableViewController which shows images downloaded from a remote server?

Only download the image when the cell is scrolled into view, i. Downloading the image asynchronously on a background thread so as not to block the UI so the user can keep scrolling. When the image has downloaded for a cell we need to check if that cell is still in the view or whether it has been re-used by another piece of data. Question 10 What is a protocol, and how do you define your own and when is it used?

Give an example of using KVC to set a value. Let's say there is a property name on a class: For example you can pass a block with a specific signature to a method like so: NSThread creates a new low-level thread which can be started by calling the start method. GCD provides a way to queue tasks for dispatch on either the main thread, a concurrent queue tasks are run in parallel or a serial queue tasks are run in FIFO order.

If you get the opportunity to draw this one out, it's worth doing to impress the interviewer: Question 15 What's the difference between using a delegate and notification? Here's the common answers I hear: Storyboard's and Xib's are great for quickly producing UI's that match a design spec.

They are also really easy for product managers to visually see how far along a screen is.

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Storyboard's are also great at representing a flow through an application and allowing a high-level visualization of an entire application. Click here , to learn about iOS online training course. We can create a class abstract that gets checked only at runtime while it is not checked at compile time. One is asynchronous and the other is synchronous. An asynchronous connection will create a new thread and performs its download process on the new thread.

A synchronous connection will block the calling thread while downloading content and doing its communication. Many developers think that a synchronous connection blocks the main thread, which is not true. A synchronous connection will always block the thread from which it is fired. If you fire a synchronous connection from the main thread, the main thread will be blocked. In order to create an asynchronous connection, we need to do the following: Learn more about iOS, in this iOS online training course.

It cannot be accessed unless we create accessors, which are generated by property. Career-oriented Training. Thanks for making this platform available. I hope to bring more people from Nigeria to embrace intellipaat as the bridge to filling the gaps in their career needs. Good Experience. I will definitely recommend this training to others as well as plan to attend other courses from intellipaat.. This training was very informative and helped a lot in understanding Hadoop.

You all do a fantastic job!

Pdf objective c answers for and interview questions freshers

Pls stay in touch. Thanks for sharing the descriptive technical information with this stuff.

Cocoa, Objective C Interview Questions – Part 2

Nice job. Thank You. These questions are very useful for those who wants their career in application development.. I love apps.

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These are really an awesome iOS interview questions. Thanks for sharing. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Top IOS Interview Questions and Answers for - Intellipaat

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Here are top 19 objective type sample IOS Interview questions and their answers are given just below to them. These sample questions are framed by experts from Intellipaat who trains for IOS Training to give you an idea of type of questions which may be asked in interview. We have taken full care to give correct answers for all the questions.

Do comment your thoughts Happy Job Hunting! IOS Characteristics. SBJson framework is supported by iOS. How can we prevent iOS 8 app's streaming video media from being captured by QuickTime Player on Yosemite during screen recording?

Become iOS Certified in 16 hrs. How can you respond to state transitions on your app? What are the features added in iOS 9?

Siri is a personal assistant to the users, able to create contextual reminders and search through photos and videos in new ways. Deeper search capabilities can show results like sports scores, videos, and content from third-party apps, and you can even do simple conversions and calculations using the search tools on your iPhone or iPad.